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What are some the best NG games?

Posted by 4fterThot - May 23rd, 2013

Been playing a lot of really fun games on NG. Anyone got some recommendations?

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dunkin doNUTS

But in all seriousness, you should try Legends of Mythos, it's an RPG in beta stages that shows plenty of promise, try it out. :)

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/f50e704a9dbea3d4fb1b9f364eb32f26">http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/f50e704a9d bea3d4fb1b9f364eb32f26</a>

Spewer is dope.

dope recommend yo. the physics are awesome

Haha I just saw your response to my review (while simultaneously listening to your hype track). The fact that you said I SOUND CORNY gave me a hearty chuckle I tell you.

But for real, I got no qualms with you, so don't fuck with me son I RUN THESE STREETS BLAAAPBLAAAP!

Really? If u're runnin these streets, this must be sesame street. lol.

Recommend game or gtfo, cornballer.

Okay, I recommend the game &quot;Learn to Rap, Because You are Fucking Terrible&quot;.

LOOK- We usually treat new people well around here, but you already fucked yourself by acting like a prick towards me, totally unprovoked. Since you've been a rude, arrogant douchelord to me for no reason, I'll be real with you now...

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Don't even bother submitting anything until you lose that undeserved cocky attitude and step your game up ten thousand percent, because right now you are a clueless idiot on the mic. That fucking hype track sounds like you drunkenly wandered into some bootleg studio and started drooling into a microphone. Your bars are bad, and your voice sounds apprehensive, monotone, muffled, and way off beat. I PROMISE you will be laughed out of Newgrounds as soon as your 'battle&quot; is up, you delusional dickhead.

For real, you have no business rapping. You are exceptionally bad (even for a beginner), and you'll never improve much, given how embarrassingly awful your starting level is. Fuckin everybody thinks they're a rapper, but not everyone's cut out for it. YOU are yet another fan who thinks he's an emcee, dabbles in rapping for about a month, then quickly realizes he's out of his league..

Dude, you probably shouldn't have started talking shit to me when I was being perfectly civil with you. I'm usually a nice guy and I love to help new musicians in need of assistance, but I'll be ignoring your dumb ass from now on. And don't bother jugding my battles because your vote will be invalid for obvious reasons.

Prepare for the truth (if and when you release that battle), because it's gonna sting like a bitch...

Lol. You on some insecure bitch status. Go cry another river of corn bread. Lol.

I'm a sucker for launching games, and upgradable stuffs.
Anything to improve, advance, and generally keep us playing is solid.
If there are too many controls, I go flaccid, as I was never a keyboard type CS player in that sense.

Flight, BisonBurrito (?), Highway of the dead, Rufus jumps up a whole bunch of times, and so on.
(sorry, can't remember 'em all by correct name, and I'm away from the pc)